4 Challenges of Remote Freelancing

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Learn how to overcome the four major hurdles which prevent people from establishing their ideal remote freelancing lifestyle and career.

Many people who have had the experience of working in a bustling office environment yearn for the opportunity to work remotely. Finding work via freelancer marketplace sites such as Conyac allows them to control their environment, focus more, and have a better work-life balance.

However, remote freelancing is not without its hurdles. Below, we'll examine four which prevent people from building a fulfilling work situation and share some of the solutions our community members have recommended.

Challenge #1: Limited Access to Decision Makers

Many companies are owned or managed by people who prefer to work with someone they can meet with face-to-face. Part of this is due to age and habit - most business owners or managers are older and not used to working remotely.

Even if a company is willing to work with freelancers remotely and you manage to get hired by them, often you will be assigned a contact person who is relatively junior in the organization. They are constantly deferring to a senior colleague whom you will never get direct access to.

The solution is to be an excellent communicator, explain the logic behind your process, and always ensure that your contact point has enough information to present to their superiors for feedback.

For larger assignments, it might be appropriate to set up a call to walk them through all details and clarify any sticking points.

Challenge #2 : Limited Client Budgets

Businesses that seek to hire people remotely online tend to be cash-strapped and looking for low-cost services. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Experienced outsources know that it's often cheaper, in the long run, to hire a top professional for a higher rate and get the work done properly the first time.

Traditional service providers will be scared off by the lack of potential clients willing to pay their established rates, and thus avoid trying to build a pipeline of remote work from online sources. Thus you will have less competition when it comes to approaching the few available businesses that are willing to pay higher rates for quality work.

The solution is to always present yourself as a premium option and focus on top-tier clients, which leads to our next challenge.

Challenge #3: Self-Promotion

Most freelancers feel uncomfortable with promoting their services and are unable to convey their full value through their pitches.

The solution is to ensure that every aspect of what people see of you online seems premium.

  • Write well at all times in a tone of voice that conveys professionalism

  • Respond quickly to all communications

  • Ensure that your profiles on freelancing sites such as Conyac emphasize your experience, professionalism, and track record.

Challenge #4:  Freelancing Can Be Lonely

We humans are designed to interact with each other face-to-face. Remote freelancing takes away opportunities for such interaction.

Any freelancer entering the field needs to find workarounds to meet the inner need for camaraderie. Video calls are very helpful in this regard but aren't always feasible or appropriate for every job.

Check out sites/apps such as Meetup to find people in your area with shared interests and ensure you get out at least once a week to socialize face-to-face. If you can't find the right meetup, consider organizing one yourself.

To help connect our community of freelancers, we've started a forum with a section for events and meetups in the hope that it will lead to people connecting in offline.


Despite these hurdles, many freelancers feel grateful to live in an age where remote freelancing is possible and where platforms like Conyac enable their success. For the right person willing to overcome these challenges, remote freelancing can be flexible and rewarding.

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Written by DLKR

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