Conyac Freelancers Meetup in Tokyo

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Report on the freelancer meetup held by crowd-sourced translation service, Conyac, at Fabcafe in Shibuya, Tokyo on November 22nd (Friday), 2013.

Freelancing platform, Conyac run by anydooR, Inc. had a meet-up at Fabcafe in Shibuya, Tokyo on November 22nd (Fri), 2013. Although translators from all corners of the globe are registered with Conyac, it was the first time ever for them to get together in person.

Ever since the launch of service in 2009, Conyac has been enjoying the steady growth of the number of registered translators from all corners of the globe. Its number of registered translators topped the 10,000 mark in November 2013, and the registered languages have exceeded 60.

Also, the number of registered users for the corporate service that started this February is also showing steady growth, as many corporate customers are using our service. We just wanted to show our appreciation to those translators by hosting the event, as it would not have been possible to do so without their endeavors.

Translators, not only those who work with Japanese and English but also a wide variety of languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, got together to share how they are brushing up their skills and enjoying working with Conyac.

Employees of anydooR (dressed in Conyac t-shirts) were actively interacting with translators. Meet-up participants also received a t-shirt, along with puffy stickers especially made by Conyac as a special gift.

During the event, we formed groups based on translation language pairs and discussed language acquisition, translation processes, and tips on apps for translators.

The translators told us that their competitiveness rate has grown along with the rapid growth of Conyac user community, while the orders are demanding higher accuracy and speed. That is why this event was significant for us; we had an opportunity to exchange information with our translators in a private and natural environment.

None of us anydooR employees knew what to expect from the event, as it was the first time we were meeting our translators in person. We were pleasantly surprised by the friendly and comfortable ambiance, as we really enjoyed chatting with our guests after the event and even keeping in touch as Facebook friends after the event.

Even a small event like this became the start of a more active communication among translators, leading the enhancement of skills and motivation for Conyac translators. For those who could not participate in this event, we sure hope you can join us next time, connect with other translators and enhance your skills!

A big thanks from the anydooR team to everyone for attending and Fabcafe for preparing fantastic food!

If you would like to become a freelance translator, consider signing up for Conyac!

Written by Fukuson, edited by DLKR

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